Benefits of Biomass Briquettes

Biomass Briquettes offer many benefits over traditional fuels like Coal, Wood Chips, Green Wood, Nut Shells, Rice Husk and various husks, fines and fibers.  

Saving in Storage, Transportation and Handling

Reduction of waste volume by up to 90% . Compacting Biomass Waste into Briquettes increases bulk density of biomass , thus storage, transportation & handling costs reduces by almost 10 times, making it much easier to store and transport than loose biomass waste. Other fuel types tend to be difficult to handle and are hazardous. Briquettes can be produced in a variety of sizes and have a long shelf-life.


Briquettes are immeasurably cleaner than the other fuel alternatives - especially coal! because it does not contain any Sulphur.

Dust pollution associated with direct combustion of loose biomass can be avoided switching over to Briquettes. Moreover the chance of fly ash is minimizes when Bio Coal Briquettes are burnt.

Considerable reduction of fine dusts and other wastes through compression of the material, into clean and compact briquettes. Reduction in the danger of fires and explosions by briquetting flammable waste the economic solution to costly fire prevention measures.


Uniform physical dimensions & combustion characteristics, results in more efficient energy conversion. Briquettes burn in a controlled manner, slow and efficiently because of lower moisture content, higher bulk density, & lower ash content. More and more, utility Industries are using biomass briquettes to supplement or replace coal as a solid fuel source.


The purchase price of biomass briquettes is less than ,Coal , Fire wood

Quality & Clean Fuel

Biomass Briquettes has consistent quality & it is very clean to handle.