Design & Performance Parameters of Continuous Dryer

Infinite offers a complete range of biomass drying solutions, and technology is selected based on customer requirements, raw material, and available heating media.

The low temperature continuous dryer is a highly efficient drying system that can be used in different industry segments and product lines. The products include for example wood chips & wood blocks of size from 15 mm to 45 mm . No need to fine-grind the material to be dried. Drying time is sufficiently long for also coarse particles to dry.

It is a counter flow design dryer in which Air is pushed from the bottom of the dryer, which drives the moisture from the bottom of the material to the top.As the material moves through the dryer, large volumes of steam escape through the top , leaving the dried materials behind.

Drying system is a self-contained unit, including the in feed and out feed, completed with automation.

Material inside the dryer is moving with gravity, so operation does not need much mechanical power.

Different heat sources can be used for heating the drying air, such as ”waste energy” of power plant, smoke, etc.

Space usage is optimal due to vertical construction, which makes it easier to place the device in existing process environment

Construction will be easily scaled and dimensioned for different capacity ranges. Biomass flow from few to many hundreds of cubic-meters per hour can be handled.

Working with low temperature (drying temperature 60 – 120°C), the dryer dries the product gently and homogeneously. Low drying temperatures (120˚C maximum) keep volatile organic compound and particle emissions to a minimum, making it possible to meet even the most stringent environmental permit limits without having to treat the exhaust air.

Another decisive advantage are the low emission. Besides, the risk of fire and explosion is excluded. The temperature of the low temperature dryer generated by waste heat from power plants, which leads to significant energy savings.

salient feature of Continious dryer

Design & Performance Parameters

dryer Model Continious TypeFD 1500FD 2500FD 3500FD 5000
Dry material output kg/h 1000 kg/h
Price US $ 32,500
Material to be dried Wood chips/ block
Size 15 mm to 45 mm
Moisture content of material at inlet of the dryer % < 40 %
Moisture content of material at exit of the dryer % < 15 %
Blower motor Rating hp 20
Extractor motor rating* hp 2
Rotary air lock motor rating hp 5
Feeding lift motor* hp 2
Total Connected Load hp 29
Fuel For the Furnace Firewood/Briquette with 3500- 4000 kcal/kg calorific value
Fuel consumption at 30 % Initial Moisture Kg/h 70
Fuel consumption at 45 % Initial Moisture Kg/h 150


Biomass dryer system

Terminal Points for dryer

Power - 440 V, 3 ph at Inlet of main control panel & individual motors
Wet Biomass - Inlet to hopper/bucket elevator at the ground level
Dry Biomass - Exit of dryer through air lock