Infinite Advantage

It is easy to see, how Infinite energy´s superior design, workmanship and attention to detail translates into observable advantages. Following is a brief list of such verifiable advantages.

Designed & Manufactured by Technocrats

IEPL  has indigenously designed and developed various systems for biomass drying ,grinding ,briquetting , & gasification which provides safe, clean and economical energy . IEPL is the exclusive owner of the proprietary technology, with a full fledged manufacturing setup within the National Capital Region in Faridabad (Haryana) ,India and services ,market briquetting & gasification plants on a worldwide basis through its licensee's. 

Infinite Energy is currently performing advanced research and development activities in Biomass Gasification & Briquetting sector and as a result, has developed a comprehensive understanding of feed stock, feed handling systems. The company has developed its own performance and economic modeling tools and has relationships with multiple strategic partners to provide specialty engineering or support. For our customers this translates into the most up-to-date and credible knowledge available today.

Experience and professionalism are the benefits we offer to our Customers

It is the commitments to our customers business that drives our efforts towards creating advances in technology through innovation. Not for the sake of technology, but towards bettering our customers business through productivity, profitability and peace-of-mind.

Infinite Energy can provide in-depth expertise for owners and developers during the feasibility study and O&M phases of a project. Providing an “owner’s perspective,” the ultimate goal is to evaluate and optimize a project’s efficiency, availability, emissions, and safety, all while maximizing financial performance and minimizing initial capital outlays.

We are committed to provide complete satisfaction to our customers as we give customer satisfaction on the top of priority list of our company. We give emphasis on identifying and understanding potential, future requirements of our customers & ensuring that those demands are met with a qualitative enhancement of our machines. Today, our company is geared up to satisfy our customers by ensuring future growth, technological development & through a competitive pricing policy. Further, our customer satisfaction policy also helps us in maintaining .

Infinite Advantage

Solution for every Biomass

Being a technology driven company & almost two decade experience, Infinite Energy is uniquely positioned to offer complete solutions to transform your waste biomass such as Weeds, Leaves, Sawdust, Rice husks, Soya bean Husk ,Olive Pits, Walnut shells, Ground Nut shells, Macadamia shells, Coffee Husk, Bamboo dust , Mustard Husk, Soya Husk, Olive waste, Maize Stalks etc in to clean fuel source, that can be used to produce heat or electricity. good clientele.

Parameter Infinite Briquettor The Competition The Infinite Advantages
Specific power consumption
22-3 0kWh/MT 30-40kWH/MT Lesser Connected Load, Lesser Power
connection andlesser demand charges
Lesser power cost per MT of briquette.
Connecting rod length
to stroke ratio
5 1.5-2 Lesser shock loads and radial loads,
Lesser bearing load and greater
bearing life
Flywheel and body parts Smaller Bigger Easier to dismantle and maintain, Lesser
starting loads. Smaller parts also allow
more access room for maintenance
Piston removal Front of Machine From Top only Easier and quicker dismantling, without
need to dismantle flywheel or crank
Feeder box fixture Screwed to the die holder Tied to the body Quick removal along with die holder and
hence easier replacement of oil seal and
punch.Easy removal of Biomass from
bottom itself.
Punch Two piece Single piece of
Lesser spare cost very quickand easy
Inclined screw converyor Single piece steel tube
Variable speed AC drive
Inclined helical geared
motor unit
Two pieces
Single speed
Worm Gear unit
No leakage and better appearances
Stepless speed control of BiomassHassle
free assembly/ dismantling and better
appearances Higher efficiency.
Bought out items Standard Sub-Vendors N.A Reliable components with longer life and
lesser maintenance.