Product Specification

Fuel briquette is black / brown in colour.. When agro-waste of cellular nature is briquetted, it produces low cost, high calorific value fuel which can from a good substitute for wood and coal. This implies conversion of waste into a useful energy source. The end product has the following typical proximate analysis :-  

Shape the Biomass

i. Ash 3 to 7 %
ii. Moisture 7 %
iii. Volatile 50 - 70 %
iv. Fixed carbon 15 - 30 %
v. Gross calorific Value 3500 to 4700 kcal/kg.
vi. Size of briquettes Diameter 32mm , 40 mm, 60 mm, 75mm, 90mm
vii. Length of Briquettes Length 50 to 200 mm